Himed has been advancing the leading edge of biomaterial surface treatments, coating characterization and biomaterial production for over 20 years. Our in-house analytical laboratory and fully automated surface treatment cells designed by Himed engineers produce consistent, high quality results from small to high volume lots. Our combined experience in customized biomaterial production and surface applications provide our customers with the resources for customized solutions as well as standard applications in the orthopedic and dental markets.
+ Orthopedic
+ Dental
+ Laboratory
Calcium Phosphate
Dicalcium Phosphate
Tricalcium Phosphate
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CaP Discs
Cast Net Shapes
Apatitic Abrasive
HA Wiskers
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Orthopedic & Dental Spray Coating

Our customized automated spray cells are specifically designed to coat HA and porous unalloyed titanium F1580 on orthopedic and dental implants with higher efficiency and lower cost than standard coating systems.
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MCD Grit Blasting

Our automated grit blasting system produces consistent and repeatable results from small to high volume lots of orthopedic and dental implants. We manufacture MCD apatitic abrasive and engineer our grit blasting system to provide residue-free surfaces.
Biomedical Color Anodizing
Our high volume production cell provides Type III color anodization for cosmetic and visual identification for implants, fasteners and screws.
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Analytical Laboratory
Our fully staffed, in-house analytical laboratory assures that all Himed materials and coating processes meet the stringent requirements for their intended purpose. We also offer contract laboratory services for custom solutions or applied research needs.


Himed Matrix Surfaces provide residual-free surface texturing for dental, orthopedic, and spinal implantable products. We deliver highly uniform macro and micro surface texturing with the use of a product specific automated system.

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Himed Matrix MCD creates a residue-free rough surface, using our MCD abrasive and a specifically designed robotic application system. The MCD system is customizable from rough to fine surfaces with a new Dual Blast system.
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Himed Matrix HA is plasma applied HA over our MCD blast surface preparation. We manufacture our own HA materials and can create a custom HA surface which is carefully controlled and validated using sophisticated robotic systems.
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A brand new addition to Himed Matrix Surfaces, Matrix Ti uses a new, patented process to apply a rough titanium surface. It is faster and more cost effective than vacuum applied Ti with equivalent properties compared to that more cumbersome process.
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Himed Matrix Color is a fully automated Type III color titanium anodizing system offering a complete range of colors for all alloyed and CP titanium orthopedic, dental and spinal implants, instruments, fasteners and screws for cosmetic or in-field identification purposes.